Update: I Did Get Scammed


Original Article: LyghtOrb.com: Does TikTok Advertising Work? Did I Get Scammed?

“Curiosity killed the cat.” I am sure you have heard that saying a thousand times. However, I believe curiosity leads to learning and extraordinary innovation. But there are risks associated with being curious.

I wrote a breakdown about a month ago about LyghtOrb. See their product here:

I genuinely wanted to try this product, but I was also curious to see if their TikTok ads were working.

In the original breakdown I noted it appeared they were losing money. I was shocked at how low their sales were compared to the amount of views their ads were getting.

I also noted in my breakdown that I was concerned that I might have been getting scammed. It had all the marking of a potential scam—a barebones Shopify website selling a drop ship product from Alibaba. No way to contact them besides a general support email box. But I was curious. Even knowing that I could be getting scammed, I had to see how well their scam was going.

A few days after my first order, I had not received any tracking information, so I emailed them. I did not get a response. I honestly forgot about the product for a few weeks. However, I remembered today and started looking into what was going on.

I returned back to their website LyghtOrb.com:

Damnit, I have been scammed. LyghtOrb has already shut down their website (or maybe Shopify shut them down). It is obvious now that I will not be getting my product.

I would love to learn more about who these people are and how everything unraveled for them. However, my time and effort are probably best not spent trying to track down these people.

I will just process the chargeback with my credit card company and move on.

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