A Diamond In The Rough


If you have not had kids, you probably have not heard of Merlin’s Magic SleepSuit. My wife found it shortly after my son was born in 2017. And I could not sing its praises high enough. We used the sleepsuit for my son and 2 years later for my daughter. It’s the go-to gift we give to any of our friends that just had a baby.

How Many Orders Is Receiving?

Since my wife started buying these in 2017, I am able to track their sales for the past few years.

First Order: 9/25/2017 – Order #39315

Second Order: 5/14/2020 – Order #61604

Third Order : 2/23/2021 – Order #71910

Fourth Order: 8/18/2021 – Order #80268

Between 9/25/2017 and 5/14/2020, on average was receiving about 23 orders per day. From 5/14/2020 to 2/23/2021, they were receiving on average 36 orders per day. And from 2/23/2021 to today, on average, they are receiving about 47 orders per day.

Average Order Value

Currently, has three different models available for sale. 

By far, their most popular product is the Magic Sleepsuite. And they do charge shipping (regardless of cart size). If you buy one, they will charge you $6 for shipping (however, my wife bought 5 at once and was charged $16 for shipping).

I also noticed from my wife’s order confirmations she was getting a discount. She was paying around $20 per sleepsuit but she was also was purchasing multiple at a time.

Most buyers typically buy one product at a time. So considering that, along with that some do get discounts, and others do buy multiples, I estimate their average order value is about $35-$45. For my math, I will use $45.

Revenue Projections

In 2017, was generating approximately $350K in revenue. In 2021, I estimated they will generate about $775K in revenue. 

Decent, but no one is retiring off that level of sales. I have the feeling that Baby Merlin (the company behind this website) is run a little more old school. I do not think that their eCommerce store is their primary focus.

Why Do I Think That?

Well, they have no google ads running. They have no Facebook ads running. They highlight on their website 45 boutique retailers they can be found at. Plus, they were carried in Target nationwide. 

They most likely have a retailer/wholesale mentality first, and ecommerce is a secondary thought to them (The company was started in 2008). 

With all that considered, $775K in revenue for 2021 is pretty good. 

How are they getting their website traffic?

It appears that it is essentially word of mouth or articles written about them. Parents are desperate for peace and quiet. And when they find something that helps calm their child and gives them that peace and quiet, they will shout it from the mountain tops to anyone and everyone that will listen to them (in their mommy blogs and mom Facebook groups). 

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit also has received multiple awards such as:

2020 What to Expect Sleep Awards

Mom’s Choice Award

2020 Reader’s Favorite Award Baby & Children’s Product News

2019 babylist BEST

Could they be doing better?

The answer to this question is almost always YES! Some simple basic digital advertising could increase their awareness. Most first-time parents do not know this product exists until someone tells them it exists or the parent goes searching for a solution to their problem.

Without Google Ads, it seems very easy for someone to come in and steal sales with a similar product for a generic search such as “baby sleepsuit”.

They could create a video ad showing the rest that the parents are getting because their baby is sleeping in the Magic Sleepsuit. They could run this video on Facebook or Youtube.

Even the photo of a baby in this sleepsuit is scroll stopping. The first thought I have is, what is that? Should I have that for my child?

I feel like their eCommerce site is a diamond in the rough. Their product is gold for parents who have children 3-9 months old. What parent wouldn’t spend $40 for the chance that they might get more sleep (if you don’t know what I am talking about, just wait until you have a kid that you are desperately trying to get back to sleep at 3am).

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