The Barstool Sports Store – July Update


This is a follow-up to my write-up of “Barstool Sports Store Gets 1800 Order On a Random Day In June“.

Now that July has passed, I was curious how their merchandise business faired for the month. I would expect July to be a relatively slow month for them as a lot of their business is driven by sports teams’ activity. And July is usually a pretty slow month for sports. However, this July we did have the NBA Finals.

So How Did The Barstool Sports Store Do?

They received over 54,000 orders (nearly 1800 orders a day). I estimate their average order value to be about $35. This gives them a monthly revenue number of almost $1.9M.

I am curious how this monthly revenue number will change as we get into the Fall months and Holiday Season.

Which came first: The Chicken or The Egg?

Here are the top landing pages for the Barstool Store in July:

Here is the same report for June:

Their top 3 brands for the past couple months have been:

1. Call Her Daddy
2. Saturdays Are For The Boys

3. Spittin Chiclets


And You will see that Hungover Tie Dye Hoodie made it onto the list in July for the 4th spot.


Here are Barstools most recent Facebook Ads:

You will see that they are featuring the Hungover Tie Dye Hoodie and the Spittin’ Chicklets hat (Spittin Chicklets Page Ranked 4th on the list). But these ads were started on July 29th. So did Barstool lean into the popularity of the products in July or did their advertising create an uptick in interest in these products?

Spittin’ Chicklets is a hockey podcast. Typically once the hockey season ends, their engagement drops a little. Since the playoffs ended late this year, there could be a carry-over in the interest of the brand in July.

The Hungover Tie Due Hoodie is from their content creator Brianna (@briannachickenfry on tiktok). She has been growing her following fairly steadily on TikTok and about a month ago reached 1M followers. Today she has 1.2M followers. There is a chance that her merchandise is being sought out more than the advertising is driving it.


The Barstool Sports Store sent me 4 emails in the month of July (click on the subject line to see the email):

7/15/2021 (9:45am) – Shop Your Summer Essentials
7/20/2021 (12:46pm) –  Pogue Life is Back.
7/27/2021 (10:48am) – This Week’s New Arrivals: Barstool Golf, USA, Pogue Life & More
7/31/2021 (10:20am) – The Arizona Bowl Merch Presale Is Live

Barstool has to walk a fine line of being authentic with their content and not to be too salesy with their merchandise. However, I believe they could stand to send a few more emails through out the month to boost their sales. 

Call Her Daddy


It has been covered extensively, the Call Her Daddy podcast has left Barstool Sports for Spotify. However part of the deal was that Barstool Sports would retain the merchandise store for the podcast (and split the proceeds with the host). 

As you can see this is still the most popular brand for Barstool Sports Store. The podcast just started back up again on Spotify in July. It will be interesting to follow how the sales of the merchandise fluctuates as the podcast becomes less attached to Barstool Sports.

The Biggest Asset Barstool Has

Their content creators are influencers. Influencers are a fantastic way to drive traffic and generate sales. Every content creator at Barstool Sports is an influencer. They build an audience, and then they sell to that audience (just like Brianna). What would be valued at thousands of dollars per post, Barstool gets for free. 

The upcoming months…

My prediction is that August will be a slightly down month from July. But as college and pro football (American) come back in September, I bet their merchandise sales will increase then. Stay tuned for future updates on the Barstool Sports Store.

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