What brands are advertising on podcasts? What podcasts are they advertising with?

The Podcast Ad Data Project

Knowing where and how brands are advertising can provide a lot of insight on how they are growing their business. You can easily find a brand’s Facebook and Google Advertisements. You can find when a brand has been mentioned on social media, or on a blog, or in an article. However it is not very easy to find out what brands are advertising on podcasts, or what podcasts they are advertising on.

PodcastAdData.com is a website we launched to collect data on what brands are advertising on podcasts and what podcasts they are advertising on. This is a group effort from our contributors. As they are listening to a podcast and they hear an ad, they go to PodcastAdData.com to log that ad,

If you are a contributor logging ads heard on podcast at PodcastAdData.com you will receive a weekly email with updates on the findings each week. We hope to grow this so that we are capturing 80-90% of all podcast ads on an ongoing basis.

©Swaylytics 2021

©Swaylytics 2021