Nugget Comfort Continues to Impress In July!


Read this article first before continuing: This Company Sold More Than $4M Of Product In June With Zero Ad Spend

In June Nugget Comfort had over 18,000 orders with zero ad spend. In July, they will process over 21,000 orders and again with zero ad spend. I estimate their July revenue to be just over $4.7M (this is up from June which was estimated at just over $4M).

Nugget Comfort has zero ads running on Facebook and Zero ads running on Google. In my write-up last month I go in-depth on how its possible that Nugget can generate 20,000+ orders a month with zero advertising. The quick summary is that they have built up demand for the product, they have a very large email list, and there are a lot of people that talk about the product online.

Instagram Activity

In July Nugget posted 14 times on Instagram. On average these posts got about 5,900 likes (1.42% Engagement Rate). One post even got 26K likes.

Nugget was tagged 725 times by their fans. This is down slightly from the 822 times they were tagged in June. However still a very impressive number.


I received 4 emails from Nugget in July (essentially 1 a week).

7/9/2021 (10:53AM): July 12 @ 3pm EST: Nugget x Supernow Class
7/13/2021 (3:26PM): Big News! Shipping Timeline Now Under Four Weeks
7/21/2021 (10:33AM): Harbor: Our Cozy Charcoal
7/29/2021 (10:42AM): A Fond Farewell to Sweetpea and Dewdrop


Nugget does a great job of creating demand for their product through fear of missing out. They will introduce limited additions or bring back colors on a limited run that had previously been retired. They will retire colors and give people the sense of urgency to buy now before it’s gone.

This works especially well for Nugget as they have a history of their product being hard to get but extremely well-liked by those who were able to get it. You don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to get it when you have the chance.

In My House

I have had two sets of the Nugget in my house for almost 4 weeks. My kids absolutely love to play with them. It is such a simple product, memory foam wrapped in a sheet. But there are so many formations you can create with them (forts, castles, tents, platforms, tumbling mat, etc), it keeps them entertained for hours on end.

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