Muddy Bites: The Effects Of Going Viral


On July 20th, Muddy Bites went viral in a @fuckjerry Instagram post.

Over 940,000 people liked this post, and it gained almost 16,000 comments.

I have been tracking Muddy Bites sales since March and it is very interesting to see what this post did for Muddy Bites sales.

Muddy Bites Change In Sales Last 6 Months

Between the middle of March and middle of June, Muddy Bites was averaging about 140 orders per day. From the Middle of June to Early August, Muddy Bites averaged 360 orders per day (the reality is there was a major spike of orders just after July 20th). Muddy Bites had to go on a shipping delay in early August because of the increased volume they saw. Because of that, their average daily order volume dropped to about 185 orders per day. In September and October, Muddy Bites averaged 153 orders per day.

The Effects Of Going Viral

Muddy Bites saw a drastic increase in orders right after going viral. Their site traffic spiked, their Instagram followers nearly doubled, and search volume for their brand name spiked. However, this appears to be a quick hit and has not elevated their long-term sales. Their September and October revenue is slightly higher than their monthly revenue was before this viral post.

All these metrics show a slight elevation post-viral vs. before going viral. This could be attributed partly to them going out of stock and then losing the momentum of the viral post.

I am still holding out hope that Muddy Bites can turn all of this interest in their product into long-term revenue growth. It is also possible that those who purchased right after the viral post are not ready to repurchase yet. (My wife has a subscription to Muddy Bites, and she has extended it out to the maximum time of 8 weeks for each delivery).

Lastly, there is always a possibility that people liked the idea of this product more than they actually liked the product when they got it. They tried it, and that was enough for them.

What Could Muddy Bites Do To Drive New Sales?

Come out with a new product! We have seen this tactic work for Nugget Comfort. They bring out new product lines and retire old ones.

And that is exactly what Muddy Bites is about to do

WHITE CHOCOLATE! A new flavor for their audience to try. These launch tomorrow (Wednesday, October 27th), and they are using a scarcity tactic to drive urgency by only offering 20,000 bags. 

I am curious to see the effect of this release on their sales.

More Muddy Bites Data….

Audience Demographics

Muddy Bites has a younger audience that is 70% female. 70% of their audience is based in the Untied States

Facebook Advertising

Muddy Bites currently has 9 active ads on Facebook. I would say these ads look like baseline campaigns and they are not trying any strategy on Facebook at the moment besides getting their product on people’s feeds.

See Muddy Bites’ Facebook ads

Top Paid Keywords

  1. ice cream cone chocolate bottom
  2. muddy hites
  3. muddy bites price
  4. muddy bites 7/11
  5. muddy buddy bites
  6. muddy bites where to buy
  7. where can i get muddy bites

Seeing “Muddy Bites 7/11”, “muddy bites where to buy”, and “where can i get muddy bites” makes me curious what efforts they are doing to try to get their product into wholesale. I know they have had manufacturing issues and have not been able to outsource that yet (they have been manually manufacturing this product themselves). But if they can figure out the manufacturing, wholesale could explode this brand and increase their DTC sales as well. (note they are planning wholesale in Q4 of 2021)



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