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Meet Susi Vidal, a rising talent on TikTok and Instagram. I saw her come across my TikTok feed many times, so I decided to research her account as I would do if I was auditing an influencer. And I am very impressed with what I found.

Susi has 1.5M followers on TikTok. However, TikTok followers are very cheap (easy to get followers and their engagement with the creator means very little). I went over to her Instagram page and found that she had 334K followers there. 

I often find that talents that have a large following on TikTok tend to have very small followings on Instagram (like 5-10K followers). 334K Instagram followers is an impressive number and typically a nice sweet spot for an influencer.

As I spoke about in the Ultimate Guide To Influencer Marketing, authenticity is key when thinking about partnering with an influencer. Most TikTok stars are typically dancing or lip-syncing. You do not get to see their real personality. Out of her past 15 or so TikTok videos, 98% of them of her talking (which is a rarity for large TikTok accounts). 

People are following her for her personality

This is the best quality an influencer can have. An audience cultivated from their personality. This means when she says something, people listen. And most likely if she said to go buy something, people will go buy.

The Stats

Susi has 1.5M followers on TikTok. Her videos are getting an average 380K views (which as a percentage of her followers is 26%). On average, her videos get 62K likes (which as a percentage of her followers is 4%). And 13% of people that view her videos like her videos.

As a baseline, I have typically seen a followers to view percentage be about 10-15% on TikTok for the more popular accounts (Susi was 26%). For these accounts, I also see that total engagement is about 3% and video views to likes around 15%.

On Instagram, Susi has 334K followers. Her most recent posts get an average of 55K likes (16%). Her Reels (Instagram is really focusing on getting eyeballs here), get an average of 1M views (3x her following size!). Her Reels on average get 14% likes as a percentage of her follower count and 5.33% likes as a percentage of views.

In total Susi’s account gets about a 20% engagement rate (incredibly high, 3% is baseline good). 

93% of her audience is in the United States.

67% of her Instagram audience follows less than 1,000 people. This means when she posts, her audience is more likely to see it organically.

Overall her Instagram account has an authenticity score of 89.4% (very good).

How Much Would A Partnership Cost With Susi?

Susi could charge between $2K – $5K for an Instagram partnership. I would guess that she would try to get more for a TikTok partnership, however, I would be cautious with that because I have found TikTok audiences to be less likely to purchase.

It should be noted that Instagram is also changing the way content is viewed on its platform (Death of The Instagram Swipe-Up Promo). This has harmed views and engagement that creators get on their Stories (the best direct response influencer event). So if you do partner for an Instagram event, you should be cautious that you may not get as many sales directly from the event and this may change the amount you are willing to pay.


Susi looks to be an up-and-coming high-quality influencer. She is authentic and built her audience with her personality. She has crazy high engagement. There are absolutely no red flags in her data.

You will want to make sure your product resonates with her audience. Her audience does skew a little young (18-24 age range). She also does have a healthy mix of male and female followers, so you will want to make sure your product is something that is geared towards both males and females.

Lastly, make sure the amount you pay for your partnership makes sense. There appears to be a bubble forming in the amount that influencers are asking for. I have only seen rates go up and at the same time seen engagement go down. Check out my article on How Much To Pay An Influencer.

If you would like an audit performed on an influencer’s account before you partner with them, check out my influencer audit services.

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