Meet Jambys: Boxers with Pockets. A Breakdown of their 7 Figure Business.


Have you heard of Jambys? They are boxers with pockets (and also some other loungewear).

In July, Jambys processed about 3,700 orders. I estimated their average order value to be $45. Giving them approximately $166K in revenue for July.

Andrew Goble & Jack Ambrose started Jambys in 2019. Both attended Yale University. After college Andrew became an editorial assistant at GQ (this will be important later in the breakdown). Jack went to work at a private equity real estate investment firm and eventually worked at WeWork in their real estate investments division.

In 2019, they wanted to test out the concept of Jambys (boxers with shorts). Andrew got a few of his friends together and photographed them wearing Jambys. Through their personal email and Instagram accounts, they asked their friends and family to spread the word about the launch. Within 5 days they sold over 1,000 boxers.

Fast forward to July 2021 and they are now receiving 120 orders a day for Jambys.

So How Are They Doing It?

It is not from their social media presence. Which is really a surprise, as I thought they would be a viral social product and tons of people would post about it.

On Instagram, Jambys has 12,000 followers (fairly low). In July, they only had two Instagram posts and were tagged on 6 times. On July 7th, I got this email from Jambys:

When you search the hashtag #CelebrateChilling you will see that there are 35 posts (none of them from July or after). They are not getting the customers to talk about their products online.

I cannot find any other social media platform that they have any real presence on. I think this is a huge miss for them.


But, they still sold $160K in July. Their sales appear to be driven by a mix of their Facebook Ads, Paid Search, and their PR efforts (remember above what Andrew did after college).


Jambys has a done a good job of getting featured in articles and gift guides. Here is a few articles I found mentioning Jambys:

I have to believe that Andrew’s time as an editorial assistant at GQ gave him insight on how to connect with writers and get his product featured. 

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Currently, Jambys has 78 ads running on Facebook. 21 of those ads were launched in July.

Jamby Facebook Ads

Google Search

The number one keyword that Jambys ranks for is “sleep shorts”. This term gets about 8,100 searches per month. Here are the top 5 paid keywords for Jambys:

1. Sleep Shorts
2. Pajama Shorts
3. Womens Pajama Shorts
4. Lounge Shorts
5. Mens Sleep Shorts

These combine to have a monthly search volume of about 63,000. My guess is that they drive around 1,000 – 1,500 users a month from these searches. 

The search volume is just not high enough on these terms to drive meaningful sustained business from Google search. Jamby’s must be driving the majority of their traffic from Facebook Ads and PR articles.


I received 4 emails from Jambys in the month of July (click on the subject line to see the email):

7/6/2021 (11AM): The Downtime Guide to Euro 2020
7/7/2021 (10AM): Start winding down with your Jambys
7/21/2021 (12:26PM): On Wednesdays we wear pink
7/30/2021 (2:31PM): Become a Jambys VIP (and get a little surprise)

“The Downtime” is their magazine (See here).  There does not appear to be much consistency with their posting of articles. I see posts on 7/23, 7/16, 7/16, 6/17, 6/11, 6/10, 6/9, 5/25, 5/21, 4/19, 4/13, 4/12 and on. The content has me confused as to why I would care to read it and how it fits into their brand. I think content can be very powerful for a company to grow a loyal audience and then sell to that audience. However it seems like this magazine is an afterthought or just going through the motions rather than truly committing to it.


That being said…


Jambys has a 7 figure a year business, a good start but still needs to grow. They need to get people raving about their product, get people to be shouting it from the mountain tops how much they love Jambys (ie sharing it with their friends on Instagram). They do some limited content creation with their magazine but this could be improved (maybe more videos to get on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or Youtube). They may benefit from the use of Influencers. And they could improve their email strategy. This is a brand to watch and see if they can get to the next milestone of $5M a year in annual revenue.

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