Jambys (boxers with pockets) – $2.4M In Sales The Last 6 Months


Jambys’ Backstory

“I have been dreaming of selling boxers with pockets since I was 10” Jack Ambrose said to Andrew Goble when the two were getting coffee in 2019. These two are now co-founders of Jambys, performance inactivewear. 

After that meeting, the two tapped into their savings and opened a couple of credit cards to start the manufacturing process on this idea. They found a manufacturer in Los Angeles that would make their first test run of 1,000 units. 

Jambys launched in late 2019. Andrew got a few of his friends together and photographed them wearing Jambys. Through their personal email and Instagram accounts, they asked their friends and family to spread the word about the launch. Within 5 days they sold over 1,000 boxers. They did not pay for a single ad.

However, it was not clear sailing from there. They needed to find a new long-term manufacturing partner. After raising a small amount of money, they found a new manufacturing partner. Finally, in March of 2020 they were ready to launch their new website with their new inventory. However, they only had 1,000 pairs to sell. When they went back to re-order from their manufacturer, the effects of the pandemic had set in. Their manufacturer could only be open to make masks. Jambys would not have product for another 6 months.

This meant, Jambys did not have inventory to sell during the boom of e-commerce sales from March 2020 – August 2020. Jambys came back online in October 2020, featuring new SKUs such as their JamTee (t-shirt), House Hoodie (sweatshirt), and Long Jambys (sweatpants). 

Jambys Sales Numbers

For the second half of 2021 (July – December), Jambys received 27,000 orders. At an estimated average order value of $90, Jambys generated $2.4M in sales for the last 6 months in 2021. I estimated lifetime sales for Jambys to be about $4M.

Jambys Traffic and Search Volume

In October, Jambys got an estimate 52,800 people to visit their website. In November and December, their site traffic almost doubled, going to 92,600 and 98,800, respectively.

Search volume for their brand name, “Jambys”, also jumped significantly in November and December. For the first 10 months of 2021, their brand name was searched approximately 9,000 times a month. In November this jumped to 18,000 and in December it jumped again to 27,000.

How Jambys Does It

Jambys has done a very good job getting themselves mentioned in news articles:

CNN: ‘Performance inactivewear’ brand Jambys just dropped 2 essential new styles (11/22/2021) – https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/17/cnn-underscored/jambys-launch-cloak-long-sleeve/index.html

TMZ: THIS CO. CHANGED THE UNDIES GAME … They Now Have Pockets!!! (10/27/2021) – https://www.tmz.com/2021/10/27/jambys-underwear-pockets-tmz-deal/

NBC News: New & Notable: Latest releases from Keurig, Baloo Living and Jambys (12/1/2021) – https://www.nbcnews.com/select/shopping/new-notable-keurig-baloo-living-jamby-ncna1285127

TheCut.com: Last-minute Gifts That’ll Arrive in Time for the Holidays (12/16/2021) – https://www.thecut.com/2021/12/last-minute-holiday-gift-guide.html

This is just a small sample of articles I have found writing about Jambys. You can see the links in the CNN and TMZ articles are ShareASale links. I can see on ShareASale, Jambys is offering a 3% commission per sale (however, they can make special deals for certain publications).

Also, just by setting up ShareASale affiliate commissions does not mean you will just get placed in these types of articles. It does require outreach and giving incentives for someone to write about your brand or product.

Before starting Jambys, Andrew Goble was an editorial assistant at GQ. This position and experience gave him insight on how to connect with writers and get his product featured.

Jambys & Bacon and Eggs

Early last year, Jambys hired Bacon And Eggs Media to make them 4 commercials. They were hoping to get their own viral video like Dollar Shave Club. Of the 4 videos, they got one to get 255,000 views on Youtube (not Dollar Shave Club numbers, but not that bad either).

Jambys Instagram

In the last 6 months, Jambys Instagram account has grown 43% from 12,000 followers in July to just over 17,000 followers in January 2022. Here is their audience demographics:



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