See The Data Behind The Influencers Account

Before Investing Your Time, Your Money, & Your Brand Image Into An Influencer… Get An Audit Report On Them.

There are great influencers and there are bad influencers. And you may not be able to tell the difference between the two by just looking at their account. However by looking at the data behind their account you can tell which influencers have a chance of success and which ones do not. Read our post on How To Spot A Fake Influencer.

A successful influencer is authentic and has authority. Their audience will respond to the right product promoted by the influencer. Authenticity can be found by looking at their audience data, their engagement rates, audience demographics, and other data points. 

Let Us Provide You An Influencer Audit Report Before You Commit To An Influencer

We will break down an influencers account. We will assess the likelihood of your product/service being  successful promoted by this influencer. We will provide you what you should expect to pay/what you should pay and we will provide what the likely result will be.

Here are some sample influencer audit reports:

Savannah Labrant

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©Swaylytics 2021