FuckJerry: How Muddy Bites Went Viral


Yesterday, I sent out a breakdown of Muddy Bites and I was searching for where they went viral. Their TikTok had viral-type views on some of their videos, so I thought maybe it was TikTok that gave them a spike in sales.

Well, I was sent this:

890K likes. This is absolutely how they went viral. Not only did FuckJerry post it, but many other smaller accounts posted it too. I even found a post on Reddit with this image.

I noticed that FuckJerry did not tag Muddy Bites in the image. The person who sent this to me said that was intentional. She said the post was absolutely planned but wanted to appear organic. Muddy Bites does have the top comment on the post, directing people to their website.

I wasn’t sold immediately that this was a planned post. However, I do find it interesting when I search to try to find the original post by “@marlonjimenez7_” I am not able to find the post, and I am unable to find this account.

Maybe this was a paid post. So let’s breakdown the FuckJerry Instagram account:

Followers: 15.9M
Engagement Rate: 2.2%
Overall Credibility Score: 82.6%

Looking at the details behind Muddy Bites’ account, I see that their audience is split 25%/75% male to female. 43% of their audience is between the ages of 18-24, and 35% of their audience is between the ages of 25-34.

Fuckjerry’s audience aligns fairly well with Muddy Bites’ audience. And Fuckjerry’s account data looks decent enough to engage for a paid post.

So How Much Does This Post Cost?

My traditional rule of thumb for a quality influencer is that they are worth about $1,000 per hundred thousand followers. And typically influencers ask a little more for a post rather than a story. However, Fuckjerry is a meme account, and meme accounts will command a lot less than a human. It appears Fuckjerry charges between $20K – $40K per post.

Was it worth it for Muddy Bites?

How many orders would Muddy Bites have to receive from this partnership to make it worth it? Muddy Bites’ average order value is about $31. Take out cost of goods sold, shipping, processing, refunds and returns, and I estimate they are making about $14 per order.

To cover $20K in costs they need to receive 1,429 orders (and to cover $40K in costs they need to receive 2,857 orders).

In July, Muddy Bites was receiving on average 370 orders per day. Back in March – June they were receiving 136 orders per day. Most likely this Fuckjerry post generated more than 370 orders per day, to bring the average up to 370 orders per day for the month of July.

My guess is that Muddy bites probably saw 2,000 – 3,000 orders from this post. Which would make them profitable just from the orders from this event.

But here is the best part for Muddy Bites, they have a subscription. So not only were they profitable on the first order, but they also most likely gained a good amount of subscribers. A great way to increase Life Time Value of their customer.

So, yes paying for this post was worth it for them.

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