Brickell Men’s Product: 50% of Their Revenue Comes From Email Marketing


Brickell Brands makes and sells skincare and grooming products for men sold at Brickell Brands was the number 76 company on the Inc 5000 in 2019 (Number 133 in 2020 and Number 829 in 2021). In 2018 Business Insider reported that Brickell was generating over $15M a year in revenue.

Brickell’s E-Commerce Revenue Today

I see that Brickell has 5 different country websites that all have their own URL. It is possible that these sites have separate order processing systems. So for my breakdown today, I am only looking at the Brickell United States website.

In the past 55 days, has received 12,375 orders. On average, that is 225 orders per day.

Figuring out their average order value is a little more tricky because they offer a free sample pack (more on this tactic later). They do charge $6.95 for shipping on it, but this item will drag their average order value down. To determine how much, I took a look at their reviews.

The free sample packs have 16,534 reviews. Their top-selling items average about 700 reviews each. Then another ten or so items have 100-500 reviews. Based on the number of reviews, it looks like their free sample packs attribute to a little over 50% of their total orders.

Taking all of this into account, I estimate that their average order value is about $25.

In this 55 day time period, this means their revenue was just over $300K. And that gives them a run rate of just over $2M in yearly revenue.

Clearly, this is well short of the reported $15M in yearly revenue in 2018. However, there are many things to consider:

First, this is only the United States website I am tracking. Their other websites for other countries could have their own order processing system that I cannot track through their .com site. 

Second, Brickell does sell on Amazon FBA. FBA orders do not generate order numbers in the backend of Shopify. So I am definitely missing that revenue when looking at their total enterprise revenue.  

Third, there could be some seasonality at play here, and I am extrapolating their yearly revenue from a time of year they have a low volume of sales (sales could drastically increase in other times of the year). That being said, I do not see the volume change much for their top search terms throughout the year.

Lastly, it is possible that Brickell’s sales are down. They could be heavily affected by the Facebook IOS update, and their sales have dropped like many other e-commerce brands have seen. 

I am going to continue to track Brickell (and their other websites) to see if I can figure out exactly what is going on.

What is their strategy to drive sales?

Even if they are only doing $3M – $5M in annual revenue (which can be a good business for someone else), how are they driving those sales.

One of the founders of Brickell, Josh Meyer, stated on a podcast in late 2019 that email attributed to 50% of their overall sales. They want to get your email. They will send you a free sample pack ($6.95 for shipping) just to get your email. 

Another tactic they use to get your email is using a quiz when you land on their home page. Here is a video of their quiz I took:

At the end, they just simply ask for your name and email address and then provide you with the results.

During the month of July, Brickell sent me 12 marketing emails.

Brickell Is Lacking Personality

Take a look at one of the emails I was sent by Brickell:

Then take a look at one of the emails I was sent by Dr. Squatch:

Dr. Squatch has a ton more personality. They give me something to relate to. It’s just a little more than showcasing to me your products. Yes, the products are different, but I am far more likely to order off an email from Dr. Squatch than I am from Brickell.’s Paid Search

Top 5 Paid Keywords:

  1. brickell men
  2. brickell men’s
  3. brickell products
  4. men’s grooming products
  5. brickell mens products

Their only non-branded keyword is “men’s grooming products”; however, this term only has a search volume of about 2,000 per month (and has high competition). 

Facebook Marketing:

Currently, Brickell has 32 active ads on Facebook. About half of them are advertising their free sample pack.

See Brickell’s Facebook Ads 

Brickell’s Audience Demographics:

Based off these demographics, I have to imagine that their US website is generating the vast majority of their overall e-commerce sales.

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