Barstool Sports Store Gets 1800 Orders On a Random Day In June


Barstool Sports has been and still is a juggernaut. For many years the merchandise they sold has been a large percentage of their revenue. So just how much revenue does Barstool Sports generate from their merch store?

About $50K in one day in June. I just started tracking Barstool Sports Store, so I do not have the historical data on them. Tracking Barstool Sports Store will be an ongoing series, and I will update on their numbers once or twice a month (subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date).

So How Do They Do It?

1800 orders on a random day in June. That is a ton of orders to process every day. And this appears to be their baseline. There were no big promotions going on, no sports teams winning a championship, no new product releases, nothing to give you an indication that this day would be bigger than any other day.

Content is king! Authenticity is key! People love Barstool Sports. It is reported that receives 54 million monthly unique visitors. Barstool often reminds users to visit their merch store or promotes an item for sale in the store but its not overwhelming. It is just enough to keep a flow of traffic going to the store.

Top Landing Pages For The Barstool Sports Store


37.7% of the traffic lands on the main store page. It is typical for a store to have a majority of their traffic land on their home page. However the next 4 top landing pages are interesting:

16.2% – Call Her Daddy
8.7% – Saftb (Saturdays are for the boys)
2.1% – Golf
2.1% – Barstool Outdoors

The Call Her Daddy Podcast just left the Barstool network to be on Spotify. However the merch for the show will still apparently be sold by Barstool (more to come on this topic). This merch is also listed at 40% off currently.

Saturdays are for the boys was a slogan created years ago by one of the blog writers John Feitelberg. When released this was the number one merch seller for them. I am surprised how high this still ranks as they do not promote this slogan as much any more.

Barstool Golf and Barstool Outdoors have been rising brands at Barstool.

Suns in Four

The first banner on their store today is the Suns in Four merch. As Barstool typically does, they make merchandise based off of viral content. This came from a viral video of a Phoenix Suns fan fighting opposing fans in the stands. Here is the interview on The Dave Portnoy Show:

While this interview was a couple of weeks ago, the Suns are still in the playoffs and barstool seems to still be promoting this merch heavily. I would have to imagine this is a large percentage of their current daily sales along with Call Her Daddy, Saturdays are for the boys, Barstool Golf, & Barstool Outdoors merch.


Barstool Sports Store does do some traditional digital advertising to drive their sales. However if I had to guess this attributes to 10-15% of their overall store revenue.

The top two paid keywords on Google Ads for them are: “Barstool Sports” & “Call Her Daddy”. When I search these terms in Google, their ads do not appear until page 2:

Barstool also does some Facebook Ads. Here are some of their most recent ads:

The one thing I cannot tell is the audience these ads are targeted to. Clearly the Chicago ads are targeted for the Chicago area, however these ads could be used more as retargeting (trying to bring people back after a touch point). My best guess is these ads are used to supplement their sales efforts rather than be their main source of driving sales.


This is a great advantage Barstool has. All of their content creators at Barstool are influencers. Barstool already employs these people and can just have their own talent run swipe ups on Instagram or talk about the merch on their podcasts. 

Top Instagram Barstool Accounts:

Barstool Sports Main Account (@barstoolsports): 10.5M Followers
Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente): 3.7M Followers
Barstool U (@barstoolu): 2.5M
BigCat (@barstoolbigcat): 717K Followers
Barstool Chicago (@barstoolchicago): 577K
Barstool Sports Book (@barstoolsportsbook): 552K
KFC (@kfcbarstool): 386K Followers

Clearly Barstool can push out a promotion to a large audience real quick and have it cost them nothing (when it would cost other companies tens of thousands or hundred of thousands of dollars to do).

Barstool Demographics:


The Barstool Sports Store is a big business. Could be as much as $50M in annual revenue. I am going to continue to keep tracking this store and I will provide updates on how they continue to grow their merch sales. Sign up for the newsletter below to stay up to date on the Barstool Sports Store!


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