$30M In Sales For The Barstool Sports Store In The Past 12 Months (video)


It’s 2021 and video is king. So, I am attempting to add video to my breakdowns. Here is my first video breaking down Barstool Sports Merchandise Store:

From December 2020 – November 2021, Barstool Sports Store has received over 940,000 orders for an estimated revenue of $30M. Over 9M people visit Barstoolsports.com a month and 400,000 people end up on their merchandise store page.


Barstool uses a company called Touchstone (www.tmgideas.com) to be the back end of their merchandise store. Essentially Touchstone is a promotional product company (ie they put your logo on products). Touchstone with source, warehouse, and fulfill the majority of the products Barstool sells on their website.

My Barstool Order

I ordered a High Noon Can Koozie from their store for $3.75 and I paid $6.95 for shipping. It took Touchstone 5 days after I placed my order to send it out to me (a little slow). They shipped it USPS First Class Mail, and it took 2 days to get to me from Ohio to Massachusetts. 

This package weighed 2 ounces in total, which means this cost Barstool about $3.40 to ship to me (plus some money paid to Touchstone for fulfillment). Barstool made margin on the product they sold to me and made some margin on the shipping too.

 To be fair, Barstool has just set a standard shipping rate regardless of what the product is sold. So you would pay the same amount for shipping a t-shirt as you would for a can koozie.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Barstool, like most companies, makes a big deal about Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Dave Portnoy (founder of Barstool Sports) put out a video just before Black Friday, highlighting the importance of merchandise sales for Barstool. He also noted that last Black Friday/Cyber Monday, they had merchandise sales from Call Her Daddy and this year they did not (which made up a significant portion of their 2020 sales).

In 2020, Barstool received approximately 90,000 orders during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. In 2021, Barstool received about 87,000 orders for their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. However, in 2021, Barstool still received a portion of the Call Her Daddy sales which now goes through another site and Barstool has the Balls Beachwear store, which is separate from their main store. Including those in, Barstool most likely surpassed their 2020 numbers.



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