136,000 Orders In The Past 130 Days


Rhoback has received 136,211 orders in the past 135 days. That is an estimated $20M of revenue through their website!

What is Rhoback?


“Crave Activity” is their tag line. Rhoback sells activewear apparel which started as golf apparel but has expanded into all active lifestyle apparel.

The Back Story

Rhoback was founded by 3 friends out of The University of Virginia in 2016. 2 of them are now married to each other, Kristina Loftus and Matt Loftus, and the third wheel, Kevin Hubbard.

Rhoback launched with zero advertising. They gathered up all the emails they could from their contacts and messaged each one, letting them know they were starting a clothing company. They asked them if they could preorder to help fund their first round of production.

After getting some inventory in and getting some sales under their belt, They had a teardrop camper built that could house their inventory (essentially a mobile pop-up shop). They would drive this camper up and down the east coast of the United States, stopping at golf courses and retail stores to sell their clothing (they would do a revenue share with the location they set up at).

Creativity and Engagement

Rhoback does not try to sell its product with its content. They look to create creative content that engages a consumer and then retarget those consumers with an ad to buy their product.

For the 2018 Ryder Cup, the Rhoback team decided to make a video in support of the United States team. They traveled to Washington DC, one dressed up as Abraham Lincoln and the other dressed up as George Washington. The two “trained” a golfer as he hit shots or took swings around famous locations in Washington DC. The video in total got over 1M views for them.

The Financials

I have been tracking Rhoback since the middle of October. Since then, they have processed over 136,000 orders for an estimated revenue of $20M.

Coming into Black Friday/Cyber Monday, they were receiving on average 1500 orders a day. Here are their average daily orders per day each month:

November – 1,500

December – 1,000

January – 570

February – 600

Product Sourcing

Rhoback has all of its apparel manufactured in South Korea from a company called Good Trust. On average, these are the prices they are paying for their apparel:

Polo Shirt: $17-$20

Q/Zip: $20-$24

Hoodie: $23-$27

Customer Demographics



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